Trending: Famous People Party on Yachts

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, then you should take a page from the stars; and whether it’s big name athletes or movie stars, one thing is certain—in 2016, partying on a yacht is trending.

Yes, the biggest names in Hollywood have been flaunting their wealth in extravagant yacht parties this year, such as the Daily Mail yacht party at this year’s Cannes Film Festival in the south of France. Stars like Lana Parilla and Blac Chyna joined television moguls like Martha Stewart to catch the sights and sounds of the “red carpet after hours”. All of the elite guests were dressed brilliantly, and enjoying the live performance by Jason Derulo—who may or may not have ended up shirtless at the end of his performance, as a live tweet from Stewart shows.

Musicians have also gotten into the spirit of yacht partying. Recently, Scottish DJ and heartthrob Calvin Harris took to the high seas to declare his newfound single life. After 15 months with superstar Taylor Swift, Harris went on a bachelor spree in Latin America, live tweeting pictures of himself with four stunning brunettes of the coast of some nondescript tropical paradise.

Even sports elite are joining in the mix, such as Cristiano Ronaldo caught partying on an unbelievable luxury yacht off the coast of Ibiza. His massive yacht features several double bedrooms, multiple dining areas, and even a bar for enjoying a cocktail while taking in the rays. This comes only a week after the superstar won the decisive penalty kick, crowning Real Madrid as this year’s champion in the Euro Cup. Or LeBron James, who recently held an intimate party off of Spain’s Costa del Sol to celebrate his latest NBA title victory. Invited, of course, was his lovely wife, and his two best friends Dwayne Wade and Chris Paul, and their respective wives.

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